Frozen Pangong Lake

Asia’s First Frozen Lake Marathon, Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon (Ladakh, India) On 20 FEBRUARY 2023.

Asia’s First Frozen Lake Marathon, Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon (Ladakh, India)

Do you want to run the Pangong frozen lake marathon & break the world record?
Great! You are reading the right article on the internet.

I am RøÕsh KB, Pursuing Masters in Travel and Tourism Management from University of Ladakh. I am writing this article from ground zero (Ladakh itself). Observing preparation for “Pangong frozen lake marathon 2023”. Now Pangong Tso is starting to freeze, hopefully it will freeze completely till 20 February 2023. So, that world record breaking marathon can be held seamlessly.

The Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon will take place in Ladakh for the first time. An initiative of the Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh (ASFL), which aims to use sport and adventure to spread awareness of climate change. The first marathon on a frozen lake to be held in India provides excellent prospects for competitors.

Detail information for Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon :

Ladakh is one of the most popular travel destinations in India. Visiting Pangong Lake is a top priority for tourists, but few people know that the Himalayan glaciers are melting rapidly. For the same reason, Pangong Lake May not freeze over again because of climate change. That’s why Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh (ASFL) also named this Pangong frozen lake marathon as “ The Last Run”.
Pangong Lake measures 700 square kilometres and lies at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Widely distributed on the border of Indochina. A thick layer of ice freezes here from November to March. China owns two-thirds of this lake, and India owns one-third of it.pangong-lake-map-travelwithroosh pangong-lake-map-travelwithroosh


The marathon will take place for the first time ever, at a height of 13,862 feet on 20 February 2023. One of the most stunning marathons in history, the Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon’s 21 kilometres entirely traverse Pangong Tso. Pangong Lake will be hosting the first-ever frozen lake marathon in South Asia.

Register for Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon:

The Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon will be so challenging due to the ice and cold, so runners will be selected based on past marathon and other high-altitude adventure sports experience (10,000 feet and above). 

Participants have to purchase a full marathon package that includes acclimatisation activities. The 9 days 8 nights package also includes accommodation, meals and transfers to and from the airport and Leh. Runners are advised to have appropriate clothing and gear for racing in extreme cold and ice.

You can register for The Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon by filling this google form CLICK HERE TO FILL THE FORM by Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh (ASFL).

pangong frozen lake marathon


This initiative by the Adventure Sports Foundation of Ladakh (ASFL). to spread awareness of climate change is appreciable. With this kinds of steps we can stop or slow down the melting of Himalayan glaciers. The Authorities should promote awareness programs like this. Everyone should be educated about global warming and climate change.

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