Marsimik La Pass.

Marsimik La pass | Complete information you need to know

As we know Ladakh has one of the world’s highest model passes, the Marsimik La pass one of them. Are you looking to know more about Marsimik La Pass? If yes, you’re on the right blog on the Internet. I will give you the most authentic information about this pass.

Ladakh is known for its breathtaking unique Landscapes like high mountain passes, rivers, beautiful legs feet crystal Clearwater, high altitude grasslands, and many more. People from all over the world want to explore Ladakh and its destination.

People search on the Internet for the required information but some of the websites on the Internet do not show the authentic information they need. So don’t worry, I live in Ladakh and I’m here to provide you with no authentic information you must know before planning to explore Marsimik La Pass in Ladakh

Marsimik La Pass Located

Marsimik La Pass in Ladakh is one of the high mountain passes that are list explore passes of Ladakh. This mountain pass was recently opened to the public because Marsimik La Pass is located in Chang-Chenmo Range on the northern side of Pangong Lake the Leh district in the Ladakh region of India near the India-China border. It is approximately 183 Km from Leh’s main Market.

This pass has strategic importance for the Indian army to access the borders with China. You can click the map below to learn more about the location.

Marsimik La pass Connects

The main purpose of building roads on these high mountain passes is to connect one region to another region of Ladakh. Marsimik La Pass Connects Hot Spring, Tsogtsalu, and different Army posts near the China Border to Leh. It is strategically very important for the Indian army which is why the Border Road Organisation (BRO has built the Road to access border areas of Ladakh with China.

Marsimik La pass Altitude/Height

Marsimik La Pass is a high mountain motorable pass after Phorang village of Ladakh. It is considered one of the highest motorable Passes in Ladakh. Marsimik La Pass is situated at an elevation/Height of 5,582 meters (18,314 feet) above sea level.

It is actually 2nd highest motorable pass after Umling La Pass. The road of this pass is not in good condition. People were not aware of this pass until recently because no one was allowed to explore this pass without the permission of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Leh. Which is why this pass is not very famous among tourists.

Marsimik La Pass Oxygen Level

As we have learned the elevation of Marsimik La Pass is 5,582 meters (18,314 feet) above sea level, which is very high. When the elevation of a place goes up the oxygen level of that place goes down, that is why the oxygen level of this is very low.

The Oxygen Level of Marsimik La Pass is approximately 46% (quantity of oxygen molecules per breath). If you are planning to explore this pass, it is highly recommended to get properly acclimatized before visiting this place and try not to stay on the top for a longer period because it may increase the chances of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Marsimik La Pass Temperature

One of the unique things about these high mountain passes is the colder temperatures because of their high altitude. The temperature of Marsimik La Pass is also very low compared to the lower parts of Ladakh. The temperatures of this pass can range between -1°C to 35°C during winters and during summer the temperatures range between 10°C to 18°C.

Marsimik La Pass famous for

Ladakh is famous for so many things, and the world’s highest mountain passes of Ladakh are one of them. You might be wondering why Marsimik La Pass is famous for? The simple answer is it is famous for its elevation above sea level. This Pass is the second highest motorable pass in the world, although this pass is not much known to people.

How to reach Marsimik La Pass

As Marsimik La Pass is located very near to the Indo-China border from north of Pangong Lake. You can simply visit this Pass from Pangong Tso itself, you just have to follow Pangong-Phobrang Road to reach this Pass. It is highly recommended to carry valid permits to reach this Pass of Ladakh.

If you are planning to reach this Pass from Leh, you have to start your journey early in the morning from Leh and follow the Leh-Manali Highway (NH3) till you reach Karu. After reaching Karu Village follow Leh-Pangong Road until you reach Pangong Tso. After you reach Pangong Lake take the road toward Phobrang village and Marsimik La Pass.

Best time to visit Marsimik La Pass

The best time to visit Marsimik La Pass is during summer times (May/October) when the temperatures are ideal and to explore. During this time you can easily explore the surrounding areas of this pass as well. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural Phobrang and surrounding villages.

It is very important to note that this Pass is in a strategic location, you have to be very careful and follow the guidelines and regulations of the Army and UT administration.

Things to carry visiting Marsimik La Pass

When gearing up for an expedition to Ladakh’s high mountain passes, it’s very important to have a thorough understanding of what things should you carry while visiting Marsimik La Pass. Take a moment to consider the following essential items to pack:

  • Warm clothing and layers
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks and energy bars
  • First aid kit
  • GPS device
  • Power banks
  • Cash and
  • Identification document


Can we go to Marsimik LA?

Yes, you can go to Marsimik La Pass.

Is Ladakh going to make all forbidden zones accessible to tourists?

Authorities have announced allowing tourists to visit all forbidden zones accessible to Ladakh so that tourism in the border areas can boosted.

Can civilians go to umling LA?

Yes, civilians can go to Umling La Pass and explore the surrounding villages as well.


The Ladakh is blessed with some of the highest motorable passes in the world. people from all over the world want to visit Ladakh to feel the vibes that you can find anywhere else. It is very important to know the basic information about the passes of Ladakh before visiting.

In this article, I have tried to provide you with authentic information that you should know before visiting the beautiful Marsimik La Pass. I hope I was able to give you the answers to your questions.

Thank you so much for reading this article. if you still have any doubts or want to send feedback about the same feel free to send it. Have a nice journey!


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