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Fotu la Pass | Complete information you must know

Are you looking to know about Fotu la Pass in Ladakh? You are on the right to blog on the internet. Also known as “The Land of High Passes” because there are many high mountain passes in Ladakh. In this blog, I share my experience and information about Ladakh and its destination.

Ladakh is known for its beautiful topography, crystal clear skies, mesmerizing rivers and Lakes, high-altitude wildlife, art, and culture. So many travelers from all over the world want to visit Ladakh to experience the amazing things you can find in Ladakh.

I live in Ladakh and I have visited every single region of Ladakh. In this article, I will share the complete information you need to know before visiting this place. So, Let’s dive into it.

Fotu la Pass Located

Fotu la Pass is one of the most fascinating high Mountain passes in Ladakh. It is considered one of the most beautiful Passes of Ladakh. It is located on the Srinagar-Ladakh highway (NH1).

Fotu la Pass is situated eastern side of Kargil City, which is approximately 89 kilometers and it will take you around 2 hours of continuous drive. Leh is approximately 129 Km from here.

You can click the attached map for more details.

Fotu la Pass connects

Fotu la Pass is considered one of the most important mountain passes in Ladakh because it connects Srinagar to Leh. It is also known as the lifeline of Ladakh because all of the necessary goods are imported from outside Ladakh. Ladakh does not have enough fertile land to cultivate food.

Strategically Fotu la Pass is also important for the Indian army because during summertime. The Indian army used this pass to store food, ammunition, and other military equipment for the soldiers posted in border areas.

Fotu la Pass Altitude/Height

You might be thinking what is the Altitude/height of Fotu la Pass? It is not among the highest Passes of Ladakh. But it is the highest pass between Srinagar to Leh highway. The elevation of Fotu la Pass is 4,108 meters (13,478 feet) above sea level.

Fotu la Pass Oxygen Level

Usually, the level in these high passes is low as compared to the plan areas. As the elevation of a place goes up the oxygen level in the air goes down.

The level of oxygen at Fotu la Pass is approximately 60% per breath (quantity of oxygen molecules per breath). Which can be dangerous if you do not properly acclimatize before visiting this Pass.

Fotu la Pass Temperature

Temperatures in the high passes are low because it is situated in high-altitude areas. If you are wondering what is the temperature of Fotu la Pass? The elevation of Fotu La Pass is 4,108 meters (13,478 feet) above sea level.

The temperature of Fotu la Pass during summer reaches up to 10°C to 15°C. During winter the temperature of Fotu La Pass can go up to -30°C.

Fotu la Pass famous for

Fotu la Pass view

Ladakh is known for its breathtaking landscape, beautiful roads, and high mountain passes, Fotu la Pass is one of them. It is famous for its stunning mountains of the Zanskar range, you will be mesmerized if you visit there and have a look at the surroundings.

You can get one of the best photos for your collection with beautiful backgrounds. Travelers take a stop to take pictures and feel that adrenaline rush at the Fotu la Pass.

How to reach Fotu la Pass

Fotu la Pass

The main reason to build roads in these Passes is to connect one region of a place to another. Fotu la Pass remains open throughout the year. If there is no heavy snowfall on the pass. There are two routes from which you can reach Fotu la Pass.

  1. Srinagar-Zozila Pass-Kargil-Fotu la Pass
  2. Leh-Nimmoo-Lamayuru-Fotu la Pass

If you want to reach Fotu la Pass from Srinagar, it is approximately 290 kilometers, which is 7 hrs of continuous journey depending upon weather and traffic conditions.

You can reach Fotu la Pass from Leh City as well. If you want to reach Fotu la Pass from Leh, It is approximately 123 kilometers, which will take 2 hrs and 50 min of continuous driving depending upon weather and traffic conditions.

Best time to visit Fotu la Pass

The best time to visit Fotu la Pass is during the summer (May to October), When the temperature is ideal to visit this pass. During these months the temperature ranges between 10°C to 15°C.

It is a good time for you to visit this pass because you can do many things like photography and videography, and you can enjoy the surrounding view from the top.

Things to carry visiting Fotula Pass

It is very important to know what things you should carry when you are visiting some of the mountain passes of Ladakh. Fotu la Pass is also a high mountain pass, where things can go dangerous anytime. That is why you should have some important things in your backpack.

Here are the following things to carry while visiting Fotu la Pass:

  • First aid kit
  • Proper clothing
  • Power banks
  • Cash
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks like dry fruits


What is the highest pass in Leh Ladakh?

Umling Pass is the world’s highest motorable pass

Which pass is called the gateway of Ladakh?

Zozila Pass is known as the gateway of Ladakh.

Which pass is near Pangong Lake?

Rezangla Pass and Changla Pass are the nearest Passes to Pangong Lake


In this article, I have tried to give you authentic information about Fotu la Pass. It is important to know if you have plans to visit this Pass. If you’re planning to visit this Pass you can consider the above information that is provided for you.

I hope I was able to answer your questions about Fotu la Pass. If you still have any questions or want to give feedback feel free to send it. Thanks a lot for reading this blog, have a nice day, jullay!

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