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Changla pass in Ladakh | Complete information you need to know

If you are looking to explore the highest motorable passes in the world, you must visit Ladakh to explore Changla Pass. Ladakh is blessed with the some of highest passes in the world that’s why it’s called “the land of high passes“.

In this article will provide you with authentic information about Changla Pass and everything you need to know before visiting. I live in Ladakh and have visited all the Passes of Ladakh and I have full knowledge of Ladakh

Changla Pass in Ladakh

Ladakh is known for its breathtaking landscape with some of the highest passes in the world Changla Pass is one of them. Changla Pass is 5,360 meters (17586 feet) above sea level. Located eastern side of Leh, approximately 75 KM from Leh town It is a strategically very important road for the Indian army. Border Road Organization (BRO) tries to keep the Chang La pass open throughout the year.

Changla is usually accessible throughout the year if there is no heavy snowfall. If you want to come to Ladakh just to explore Chang La Pass you can come anytime before checking the weather update UT Ladakh administration guidelines.

Changla Pass road

Changla Pass road

Riders across the globe want to ride on the roads of Ladakh because of its breathtaking landscape, less traffic, and challenging water-crossing. Changla Road is quite smooth for bike or car riding. You get a beautiful view of Sakti Village if you visit Changla Pass from Leh market.

Changla Pass connects

Like other passes in the Ladakh, Changla Pass is also very important for India. The reason to make roads in this high-altitude pass is to connect the other region of Ladakh to the country. Like other passe in Ladakh, Changla Pass is also strategically very important for the Indian Army.

Because Changla Pass connects the Changtang plateau to the rest of the country, where the world-famous high-altitude saltwater Pangong Lake is located. Pangong Lake via Chang La is the shortest route for the Indian army to access the Pangong region of Ladakh.

Changla Pass Oxygen level

Changla Pass is also situated at a high altitude like other passes of Ladakh. that’s why the oxygen level of Chang Pass is extremely low. When the tourist reaches Changla Pass and wants to take selfies and spend some movement over it is highly recommended not to stay more than 20 minutes. Because it may increase the chances of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMC) if you’re not properly acclimatized before visiting the Pass.

How to reach Changla Pass

Changla Pass is located on the northern side of India and is approximately 75 KM from Leh town, which will take you 1 hour 45 minutes (non-stop). The nearest airport to reach Changla Pass is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL) after reaching Leh you have to rest for one or two days so that you are body can be acclimatized.

After that, you can start your journey from Leh to Changla Pass via the Leh Manali highway once you reach Karu Village you have to take a left from the Leh Manali highway and take the Pangong Lake road to reach the Changla Pass.

If you’re coming from Manali to reach Changla Pass, you have to start your journey from Manali and reach Karu village. Once you reach Karu you have to take a right and follow Pangong Lake Road.

Best time to visit Changla Pass

Usually, Changla Pass is open throughout the year if there is no extreme snowfall. So you can visit anytime to feel that adrenaline rush. Even during winter, you can visit Changla Pass if you reach Leh by Flight. The best time to visit Changla Pass is during the Summer between May to October.

Things to Carry to Changla Pass

You should consider what to bring if you are planning to visit Chang La Pass. Due to the place’s high altitude, you must bring along a few essentials that you ought to seriously consider.

The following items are essential for your trip to Changla Pass:

  • Medical aid box
  • Cozy Wears
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Power banks for charging your electronic devices
  • Cash
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks like dry fruits


How far is Pangong from Leh via Chang La?

75 KM from Leh town.

How long is Changla Pass?

Changla Pass is approximately 15 KM long.

How far is Pangong from Leh via Chang La?

Pangong is approximately 160 KM from Leh via Chang La Pass.

How high is Changla Pass?

Changla Pass is 5,360 meters/17586 feet above sea level.

Which pass connects Leh to Pangong Lake?

Changla Pass.


In this article shared my experience and knowledge about the Changla pass. I have tried to answer all of your questions in your head. If you’re planning to visit Changla Pass please consider the above details.

I hope I was able to answer your questions about Changla Pass. Thanks for reading this article if you have any doubts or feedback feel free to send it, Have a nice day.


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