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Emerging Tourism Spots in Ladakh

Ladakh The mystical land is commonly known as ‘Maryul Mar means red and Yul means land. The ‘Redland’ a unique piece of natural beauty thought apparently looks barren yet boasts of mystical landscape with snow capped peak kissing the Blue sky, Chanting monks, Chiming monasteries with the sound of bells and Trumpets . Its umpteen valleys filled with juniper aroma along with rich culture, tradition and colorful costumes of inhabitants create a magic of its Own.

Ladakh is Bounded by the Karakoram and Himalayan mountains, The landscape of Ladakh, a high altitude desert, is defined by craggy, barren cliffs and plateaus. Ladakh is a favorite among adventure sports enthusiasts, offering unique adventures in trekking, Ladakh celebrates a numbers of monastic festivals – annual events of the major monasteries primarily in winters. The month of September, hosts the Ladakh Festival, that gives a peek into the richness, depth and pageantry of Ladakh’s centuries-old culture, traditions and folk heritage. One can witness the best samples of the region’s performing arts, Archery contests and the Ladakh Polo Cup.

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