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Taglang La Pass | Complete information you must know

Ladakh is known for its stunning landscape and breathtaking high passes that’s why it’s called the “land of high passes”, Taglang La Pass is one of them. If you’re looking to know more about Tanglang La Pass, you are on the right blog on the Internet.

I live in Ladakh and explored all regions of Ladakh and the Passes of Ladakh. I will guide you by providing the best and most authentic information about Ladakh.

If you are a traveler, student, or any normal person who wants to know more about Ladakh’s art, culture, and its tourist destinations like Taglang La Pass, I am here to provide you with authentic information, so don’t worry Let us began the journey of Tanglang La Pass.

Taglang La Pass Located

Taglang La Pass is located in the Indian Union territory of Ladakh. It is situated on the Leh-Manali Highway (NH3). It is approximately 108 Km from Leh City, which will take you around 2 hr and 30 minutes of continuous ride depending upon traffic. The distance from Taglang La to Manali is approximately 365 Km.

You can check on the following attached Map:

Taglang La Pass connects

The main purpose of building motorable roads on the high passes is to connect one region to another region of a place. So, that people and the army can access the region easily and swiftly. Taglang La Pass connects Leh city to Manali. It remains closed during winter because of heavy snowfall, but the Border Road Organization (BRO tries to keep the pass open.

Taglang La Pass Altitude/Height

You may have read that Taglang La Pass is the second highest motorable pass in the world Khardungla Pass on other travel websites but it’s not true. The altitude on the signboard of Taglang La Pass has some error. The actual altitude of Taglang La Pass is 5,328 meters (17,480 ft) above sea level.

Taglang La Pass Oxygen Level

Like all the other passes of Ladakh, Taglang La Pass also has a very low concentration of oxygen in the air. As we know the elevation of Taglang La Pass is 5,328 meters (17,480 ft) above sea level. This is why Taglang La Pass has a very low concentration of oxygen in the air. The Oxygen Level at Taglang La Pass is 0.51 atm which is 51%.

Taglang La Pass Temperature

Ladakh is a cold desert in India because of its high elevation and less precipitation. Taglang La Pass is situated at an elevation of 5328 meters from sea level which is why the temperature is lower as compared to areas with a lower elevation.

During the winters the temperature of Taglang La Pass goes -38°C and during summer the temperature ranges between 10°C to 25°C. Which is considered the ideal time to visit Taglang La Pass.

Taglang La Pass famous for?

Taglang La Pass famous for

Taglang La Pass is famous for its stunning landscape and breathtaking view from the top. Bikers coming from Manali stop there to take pictures. It is considered one of the highest motorable passes in Ladakh which is why tourists want to visit here for the adrenaline rush. If you want to visit Leh from Manali it will be on your way.

How to reach Taglang La Pass

Taglang La Pass is considered the gateway of Leh. If you want to visit Taglang La Pass you can reach from Manali and Leh City. To reach Taglang La Pass from Manali it is approximately 365 kilometres from Manali. You have to start your journey towards Leh by following Leh Manali Highway (NH3) early in the morning to see its beautiful view in the evening.

If you want to reach Taglang La Pass from Leh, it’s approximately 108 kilometers. It will take you around 3 hours from Leh City

Best time to visit Taglang La Pass

Taglang La Pass

Usually, the passes in Ladakh are accessible during summer because at this time the roads are not closed because of the snow on the road. The best time to visit Taglang La Pass is during summer, between April to September, but it is always recommended to check the weather forecast and UT administration guidelines about road conditions before visiting the pass.

Things to Taglang La Pass

If you are visiting some of the highest passes in Ladakh. It is very important to know what things you should carry before visiting this pass. I have listed some of the most important things to carry while visiting Talang La Pass.

  1. Proper clothing
  2. Water bottle
  3. First aid kit
  4. Power bank
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Pocket knife
  8. Dry fruits
  9. Cash


Which pass is higher than Taglang La Pass?

Umling La Pass in Ladakh is the world’s highest motorable pass which is 19,300 ft (5,900 m) above sea level.

How long is Changla Pass?

15 km log.

Which pass connects Kargil and Ladakh?

Fotu La Pass

Which pass is famous in Leh Ladakh?

Ladakh has several passes but the most famous pass in Ladakh are Khardungla and Umling La Pass.


In this article, I have shared my experience and knowledge about the Tanglang La Pass. It plays a very important role in connecting Leh and Manali. If you are planning to visit this pass kindly consider the above information.

I hope you have gained knowledge about the Tanglang la pass through this blog. Feel free to share your questions or feedback. Thanks, Jullay!


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