Top 7 best places to visit nubra valley !

Discover the lesser-known wonders of Nubra Valley with our exclusive guide. Uncover 10 hidden gems that will leave you awestruck. From secluded monasteries to breathtaking landscapes, this is your ultimate offbeat adventure.

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Diskit Monastery

Experience the magic of the 100-foot tall Maitreya Buddha statue, which offers stunning panoramic views of the valley.

Hunder Sand Dunes/ Bacterian camel riding

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Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Hunder Sand Dunes. Nestled in the village of Hunder, these majestic dunes offer a camel safari through golden sands, where hidden treasures await.

Uncover the hidden gem of Yarab Tso Lake—a serene high-altitude oasis near Sumur village. Perfect for camping and picnAics, it offers pristine beauty and crystal-clear waters. Embrace nature's tranquility and make lasting memories at Yarab Tso Lake.

Yarab Tso Lake

Experience the healing Panamik Hot Springs in the tranquil village of Panamik. Rejuvenate, unwind, and find inner calm in this soothing oasis.



Turtuk village

Turtuk village

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Uncover Turtuk Village's hidden charm in the captivating Nubra Valley. Nature, culture, and culinary delights await in this mesmerizing destination.

Nubra Valley Trekking

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

Embark on a breathtaking trek through Nubra Valley. Stunning landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and vibrant villages await. Suitable for all levels. Unforgettable beauty and cultural connections.

Samstanling Monastery

Samstanling Monastery in Sumur village is a captivating testament to Buddhist heritage, offering serenity, vibrant artwork, and profound teachings.